You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat

The saying “You are what you eat” is so true when observing the human race today.

Our bodies are wonderful ‘machines’ and as expensive cars run on premium petrol our bodies need to be fed top nutrition to perform and last well. Simple unprocessed organic foods that provide the body with vitamins, minerals and ‘fuel’ to run at optimum capacity.

Many people today do not think about what nutrition they are giving their bodies. They overload their systems with high fat, high sugar, nutritionally empty foods and poison their systems with cigarettes, alcohol and drugs, and add to the problems with lack of exercise, sitting passively in front of the television and/or a computer. This lifestyle can only lead to health related illnesses that have a detrimental effect on the quality of our lives. People who are born with a disability or become disabled as a result of an accident need special dietary and exercise programs suited to improve bodily function.

As we grow we experience many mental and physical changes. There will be times when we experience optimum health and energy levels but also times when our bodies let us down and we are unable to achieve what we set out to do. Justin Barnes, the founder of BIGA Care, believes that to live a healthier life, that is full of energy and vitality, one has to be committed to eating a healthy diet and pursuing an enjoyable regular exercise program.

Positive thoughts, determination and will power are the basis to achieving our goals. Thoughts are only that, thoughts, when put into action they can either destroy our goals or be instrumental in achieving them. Many people approach a diet, body building or sports program with a sense of fear and dread believing that they will fail in their objective and that any change will be temporary. When embarking on a weight loss and/or fitness program some people think of deprivation, painful jogging and weight lifting programs. Anyone being guided in obtaining a healthy, fit body should be encouraged to eat a broad range of healthy foods and to start slowly with a walking program supplemented initially with a light weight training program. As our aerobic fitness and strength increases, we can slowly introduce periods of runnin then walking and gradually increase the weights we are using in our weight training program.

Maintaining a healthy body is not easy. We are usually time poor and it is easier to buy some ‘fast’ food on the way home after working late. Many parents have never cooked their children a meal. Information is the key, source out simple easy to prepare meals, plan the weeks menus when you have time at night or during the weekend or even when you are out walking so you can be thinking about healthy food whilst exercising! Remember any movement is better than no movement. This will help you to naturally incorporate some exercise in everyday circumstances. Park the car or alight from the bus a couple of blocks away from your office and walk the remaining distance, walk up escalators and stairs, be disciplined at lunchtime, take a break and walk to increase oxygen in your system. Life is stressful but without our health there is no life.

Our bodies are wonderful, complex ‘machines’ consisting of cells, tissues and organs. This ‘machine’ has to be is fuelled by nutritious food. However, a vast majority of people seem to be unaware of correct body maintenance and eat an unbalanced diet with incorrect portion sizes.

Getting rid of unwanted kilos, improving the body’s condition and committing the brain to get rid of those bad health habits is hard and to achieve any health goal one needs to be focused and determined. To ensure lasting change it is important to have a network of people who can support you.   Start by registering with BIGA Care today.

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