The Life Learning Centre that inspires people to think BIGA

BIGA – “Be Inspired Get Active” with “Bold Ideas Goals and Aspirations”


BIGA Care is a life learning centre providing support services that can help people overcome tough times. More importantly it is a medium for people to share their stories and experiences with others through an online forum. The forum is designed to inspire people and assist them in achieving their goals and to believe that anything is possible.

BIGA Care is your local community encouraging people to develop bold ideas, set goals and actively work towards becoming the best person they can possibly be. Our childhood forms the foundation on which we can build our future. The core of a successful life depends on the strong foundations imparted on us by our parents. Our developing minds gradually grasp the concept of having goals, however simple, and then achieving them. Through every stage of our life experiences shape and influence us but the lessons learnt in childhood form the basis of our future development. Life’s experiences can be good or bad, helpful or hurtful and can sometimes sabotage our future goals and dreams and undermine our confidence and ability to continue. These experiences help to form and strengthen our resolve giving us the strength to get through the bad times and giving us hope for the future.

The type of people who come into our lives, in the way of support, can make a big difference. However, sometimes we look for support in the wrong places. Some people may tell us that it is impossible to achieve our bold ideas, goals and aspirations, especially if we have a disability. They may be the types of people that are fearful of failure themselves and impart this fear onto others instead of encouraging them to “feel the fear and do it anyway”. Other people are mentors and encourage us to go beyond the limitations that have previously been instilled in us.

Our mistake is listening to and believing people when they tell us that we cannot turn our dreams into reality. Surrounded by the right people, being positive and believing, with determination, anything is possible, we can achieve life’s dreams. Achieving anything in life is not easy, we may stumble along the way but with courage and support we can accomplish our goals when we are not afraid to try. When we reflect on our lives we need to be able to say to ourselves that we tried even though in some circumstances we failed, so we are not haunted by the question “what if”?