Many people experience either a temporary ‘short period of life’ or permanent ‘whole or remainder of life’ disability or illness. This can include a broad range of traumas and/or injuries that affect our physical and/or mental health. The majority of people who live or have lived with a disability in any form will probably also suffer from anxiety, stemming from a feeling of fear of what has happened to them and unknown outcomes.

If possible, it is important to share the fears of their condition with family, friends and medical practitioners, to discuss their prognosis and what the future holds for them. Fortunately, in today’s world, a great deal of help is available for people who are physically or mentally challenged. However, finding out about these services and accessing them can be time consuming, difficult and confusing. Many of the support groups fail to offer a framework to help an individual find the confidence and strength needed to adapt to an ever changing environment.

At present there are over 650 million people worldwide who are affected by a health condition or injury. According to the Australian Bureau of statistics, in 2009 one in five Australians were reported as having a disability. Although awareness of disabilities and strategies to cope with them is increasing, many people are fearful of what they don’t understand or feel embarrassed by those who appear ‘different’. It is apparent that many people with limitations try to hide their condition so they can be given the same opportunities in life as normal people. An example of this is people suffering from a health condition who feel that it would be a disadvantage to tell potential employers about their condition.

The founder of BIGA Care has been lucky enough to be able to rely on a few people close to him who have helped him face a number of daily challenges, including learning difficulties, limited job choices and acceptance in the community. Achieving what others thought was impossible some thirty years ago, he has discovered that achieving something starts when we find the inspiration inside ourselves to get active. Goals are made for us to work towards and cannot be achieved immediately, it is important to take an active approach to fulfilling our dreams. He now believes anything is possible. His biggest goal now is to help others through BIGA Care.