Like any personal goal once something is defined in writing it’s more likely to be achieved. You may be trying to recovering from an injury, overcome an illness, or perhaps looking to find balance. No matter what it is you are setting your sights on the chance of success is further increases exponentially when partaking in activities that are relevant to your situation

With the introduction of any activities it important to ensure they are appropriate to your situation. With the introduction of any fitness, nutritional, rehabilitation or financial activity it is important to understand the risks associated with them. Your coach can  help develop a balanced plan that is aligned with your objectives giving you the best opportunity to realise your full potential.  Of course it up to you what you want to share with your coach, however it is to your benefit to provide as much information about your present situation and your future goals. This allows your coach to support you along the way and ensure that the assistance being given is appropriate to your situation.  Like any personal information, what you discuss with your coach remain confidential.

While were not limiting you’re development to any particular area below are some ideas to get you started and remember the information provided is general in nature and does not take into account your personal circumstances so always  consult a qualified professional before implementing any plans.

Development Topic Area of Focus Examples Professionals
Fitness Physical health Exercise programs Fitness coach
Nutrition Diets Health eating plans Nutritionist
Mental Mind training Self-esteem Counsellor
Financial Savings for life events Financial review Financial coach
Income Employment Resume review Recruitment coach
Community Support Support group Mentors