How BIGA Care Evolved ?


As founder of BIGA Care, my life’s experiences have inspired the formation of this project. I started to explore the idea whilst at university but the ‘seed was planted’ in my 20s, after hosting charity events for the Starlight Foundation and Youth off the Streets. Adding to this, my full-time job as an event manager/consultant for charities and not-for-profit organisations, introduced me to people of all ages whose condition required additional support services to help them manage everyday activities’ started to research online for sites providing information on health services and facilities for people living with a disability or illness. I found many online directories and information sites about health care offering different opinions that ultimately became very confusing. The more I searched the more confused I became. It was apparent to me that the sites failed to deliver a great user experience, an experience that assisted individuals and their carers to not only manage health issues on a daily basis but also help in formulating future plans for their improved health and wellbeing.

Currently we have listed more than 1000 health care services and events across New South Wales Investigating the opinions of different people, both positive and negative, was invaluable and helped me to create an education centre that offers people the opportunity to express emotions, learn from others and choose which way they want to manage their health and who can assist them in their journey.