A diagnosis of a chronic illness, mental and/or physical disability or an accident trauma devastates not only the individual involved but also their family and friends.  Parents, obviously wanting to protect and care for their children during what can be a life threatening crisis, have to deal with their own fears for their children’s future welfare and their ability to complete everyday tasks.  Friends and lovers want to give support but may find the situation too challenging.

Any mental and/or physical disability can limit choices of schooling, employment, social interaction, and the ability to compete in sports and other daily activities.  In many cases these limitations are permanent and ongoing care is needed, which can result in a financial burden on the individual and their family.  In other cases, there can be opportunities to rebuild their skills and improve their health.

BIGA Care delivers training and coaching services that are aimed at giving people more information and options to enable them to make the best possible decisions, when it comes to managing their health. As an extension of our ongoing commitment to provide greater access to information on resources, tools and services offered by businesses, independent professionals, groups and associations, we have developed the BIGA Care website.


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