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Features and Benefits

Delivering health and wellbeing information to local communities we are well positioned to provided targeted media solutions for business, independent professionals, groups and associations . Be it on a laptop, desktop or on the go, people are spending more time online than ever before, our media allows advertise to easily segment their market by service, location, placement and reviews.

We understand that every business belonging to either the health or wellbeing sector offers a service that can benefit those with a health condition, so we’ve created a broad range of options that allows your service to be better placed and accessible to those that use our service. Features and benefits include:


  • Various advertising options to suit your unique needs
  • Use our powerful network to be found in even more places
  • Manage you’re advertising yourself or, if you purchase our professional package receive technical support

Improve community awareness:

  • List the vitals like contact details, website and trading hours

Increase trust and loyalty:

  • Your online profile allows you to include testimonials

Build creditability:

  • Strengthen your brand with logos and a tagline by writing for us

Geographical reach:

  • Your online profile gives you global coverage, building your creditability as a professional

Audience engagement:

  • easily reach targeted audience, which leads to your success. It improves your business’s results on google with unlimited search terms and communicate with potential customers and receiving valuable feedback


  • Receive quality referrals from those looking for support

Business Support:

  • Receive a free business consultation and discounted feature online and print advertising


Listed below are our 3 Packages:




How BIGA Care Evolved ?

As founder of BIGA Care, my life’s experiences have inspired the formation of this project. I started to explore the idea whilst at university but the ‘seed was planted’ in my 20s, after hosting charity events for the Starlight Foundation and Youth off the Streets. Adding to this, my full-time job as an event manager/consultant for charities and not-for-profit organisations, introduced me to people of all ages whose condition required additional support services to help them manage everyday activities’ started to research online for sites providing information on health services and facilities for people living with a disability or illness. I found many online directories and information sites about health care offering different opinions that ultimately became very confusing. The more I searched the more confused I became. It was apparent to me that the sites failed to deliver a great user experience, an experience that assisted individuals and their carers to not only manage health issues on a daily basis but also help in formulating future plans for their improved health and wellbeing.

Currently we have listed more than 1000 health care services and events across New South Wales Investigating the opinions of different people, both positive and negative, was invaluable and helped me to create an education centre that offers people the opportunity to express emotions, learn from others and choose which way they want to manage their health and who can assist them in their journey.

How can I help Give those challenged by their disability or illness the best opportunity at living a independent and successful life ?

To give people the best opportunity to people with a disability we must be willing to play a part in educating them that life is about not accepting defeat when challenged. It about pushing back and testing the limitations. As a community we can play a BIG part in doing something about peoples physical and mental health. Hence we have developed a website that allows people to have a influence in inspiring others to actively live life by testing their own limitations.

How does it work ?

One of the key issue identified by those with a condition, their families and care’s is the desire for control and choice. We believe that to exercise control and choice it is important for people to be educated about all aspects of life. BIGA Care supports the development of technical, physical and adaptive skills and confidence giving people the ability to find support and choose who helps them.

How It Works

We offer both free listings and paid advertising with the directory continually being updated to ensure it is current and relevant, priority positioning within each category is on a first come first serve basis. Should you wish to be listed higher in one or multiple categories you can benefit from our featured listings.

No matter what area of health and wellbeing you work in, more customers mean more business — and the biggest boost to a business comes from those that need your service or product. Our basic listings gives you advanced placement in the directory, and our professional ability to engage people on the forum giving you great exposure to those looking for your service or products.


When the member is look for your service or our coach has someone who can use your service, they simply click on your profile or send you a referral provide the contact information of the person they’re referring. It’s now up to you to contact the client, and close the sale!


In addition to a profile you will be able to engage people through topic articles share your advice and introduce yourself to those people you think you can help on our forum.


Thousands of people live with a condition and find it hard to find services and products. Individuals simply visit your profile page and can go to your website or connect with you via the forum where you can talk to them directly.




Get your business noticed with BIGA Care Digital. With so many options, there’s something to suit everyone. Wether you’re just starting out or looking to reach a greater audience, BIGA Care has an online advertising option for you, Compare our product range below.

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What does coaching look like?

Coaching can be defined in various ways, two commonly used definitions are: ‘A learning and or counseling relationship between an experienced person who shares his or her professional expertise with a less experienced person in order to develop the skills and abilities of the less experienced party.’ ‘Typically a one-to-one relationship between a qualified professional and a individual , which is based upon encouragement, constructive comments, openness, mutual trust, respect and a willingness to learn and share’.

What dose mentoring look like?

Mentoring can be defined in various ways, two commonly used definitions are: ‘A learning and or counseling relationship between an experienced person who shares his or her professional expertise with a less experienced person in order to develop the skills and abilities of the less experienced party.’ Typically a one-to-one relationship that is created spontaneously or informally, between a more experienced and a less experienced person. The relationship is based upon encouragement, constructive comments, openness, mutual trust, respect and a willingness to learn and share’. Another way in which the relationship arises is that the initiative for the relationship is taken by a mentee who approaches a mentor and explains her or his intentions.

What is BIGA Care ?

BIGA Care is the leading independent community center dedicated to bringing people together to share information, experiences ,ideas and thoughts about health and wellbeing. In addition we deliver information about support services and provide resources and tools, giving more choice and control to those with a health condition their families and care’s.

What rate has BIGA Care Grown ?


Since January we have listed more than 1000 health care services and events across New South Wales.

What You Need To Know


  • All paid advertising also receives exposure on our social media sites.
  • Rates do not include GST
  • There are no refunds on ad purchases
  • Text will be formatted similarly to the rest of be inspired website. No colours, font changes or full caps.
  • We recommend you have a simple text listing, then link to your website or training brochure/flyer. Remember that PDF’s are not accessible to everyone and we encourage you to use an alternative like Word or RTF.
  • •Attachments should be attached to the email as a separate document.
  • Logo should be attached to the email separately as a high-resolution graphic file (e.g. jpg/gif). No bigger than 500mb
  • Advertisements are listed for a maximum of 1 month before rotation.
  • Be inspired get active reserves the right to accept only advertisements of direct interest to members.
  • The directory is continually updated ensuring it is current and relevant, priority positioning within each section is on a first come first serve basis.

Who are we looking for ?


We are looking for mentors who have had real life experiences with temporary and/or permanent disabilities. We are looking for mentors who can make a real difference to people’s lives. We are looking for contributors who are interested in sharing experiences of their own limitations at different stages of their life or would like to write an engaging article about health, wellbeing, fitness, and disabilities.

Businesses, independent professionals, groups, associations

In supporting people, their families and carers we are looking to build stronger access to local community support services and products in doing so we have a range of options that would meet the needs of a existing health or wellbeing businesses , independent professionals, groups, associations and sponsors looking to receive increased brand awareness or business services.

Who can be a coach ?

Recruiters, councilors, Fitness trainers, Financial advisors, Teachers, Case workers, nutritionists, dietitians and others.

Who can be a mentor?

Mentors are friends, family, councilors and teachers who support people find other ways to overcome the barriers they face. As a mentor you must be open to sharing your experience’s with others. You must be open to listing to others that perhaps has a similar health condition or is currently experiencing some of the barriers you faced.

Why BIGA Care ?

Living with a disability or serious illness not only affects the individual but also their family and carers. Fostering a culture where sharing of experience, wisdom, networks, knowledge and know how helps individuals to develop knowledge about how to achieve their goals. The BIGA Care website aims to educate members of the community on where and how they can obtain information and support to resolve issues and understand the possibilities the future holds after being affected by a disability or illness. The site details where support services are located, advises of special events for the disabled and gives access to professionals who can assist every member who can be affected when a trauma strikes. Members of BIGA Care also have access to online resource, education tools, chat rooms and focus groups where they can talk about concerns in confidence and can connect with those who have or share a similar experience giving them a feeling of belonging and reassurance that their are not alone.

Why is BIGA Care different from other websites ?

Whilst the market is dominated by many government and private support services, members appreciate that BIGA Care is a learning experience, teaching them how to manage their health condition through an online forum that allows people to share stories and ideas. Our community directory and calendar, assist in connecting people to business, professionals, groups and associations delivering choice of support services. We also provide coaching services, resources and tools aimed at educating all challenged people on how to plan for their future and maximise their full potential. Members can, at any time, seek support from a mentor, review their health with a medical professional or seek assistance from a coach or focus group.