I would like to introduce myself, Cristiane Lobato Counseling & Hypnotherapy located in Manly Corso.

I am a counselor, hypnotherapist and an educator.
Specifically, I utilize my 25 years Early Childhood Education experience plus my Counseling skills to assist parents in their children development from adolescents/teenagers to mature respectful roles in every day life.
I also have my major studies in Grief through death or separation, Relationship, Transitional life changes and Family therapy and Children’s Development.

Having experience in two different countries and cultures, I am able to apply my knowledge and understanding of children and adults from a broader scope, to include families of diverse backgrounds and demographics. I am well versed in developmental milestones and facilitating children’s needs and providing platforms of support to further enhance and promote learning outcomes.

I believe on clients personal growth, and this involve raising clients self – esteem; helping clients became their own choice makers; helping clients became more responsible; helping clients became more congruent so they experience harmony between feelings, thought and behavior, also helping clients achieve freedom in their current lives from the impact of past negative events.

Counseling & Hypnotherapy sessions are generally one hour in duration and primarily focus on:

• Gaining an understanding of the difficulties you may be facing in your life
• Supporting you in making the changes needed to improve your personal or relationship challenges
• Help you in working towards better psychological wellbeing, relationships and family life.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information