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Delivering health and wellbeing information to local communities we are well positioned to provided targeted business solutions  for  business, independent professionals, groups and associations . Wether you are new or been working in the health and wellbeing industry for a while more customers mean more business — and the biggest boost to a business comes from those that are looking for your services. BIGA Care helps those with health conditions, families and care’s find the best services providers to overcome health conditions and come out the other side.

No matter what area of health and wellbeing you work in we are well positioned to help you to setup your new business or make improvements to your existing business.

Be it on a laptop, desktop or on the go, people are spending more time online than ever before, we understand that every business needs a strong presence on the word wide web media allows advertise to easily segment their market by service, location, placement and we’ve created a broad range of  options that allows your service to be better placed and accessible to those that use our service.

We offer both free listings and paid advertising with the directory continually being updated to ensure it is current and relevant, priority positioning within each category is on a first come first serve basis.Our basic listings gives you advanced placement in the directory, and our professional ability to engage people on the forum giving you great exposure to those looking for your service or products. Should you wish to be listed higher in one or multiple categories you can benefit from our featured listings


When a member is looking for your service or our coach has someone who can use your service, they simply click on your profile or send you a referral providing the contact information of the person they are referring. It’s now up to you to contact the client, and close the sale!


In addition to a profile you will be able to engage people through topic articles share your advice and introduce yourself to those people you think you can help on our forum. 


Thousands of people live with a condition and find it hard to find services and products. Individuals simply visit your profile page and can go to your website or connect with you via the forum where you can talk to them directly.


How it works | Features and Benefits  | Packages | What You Need To Know