Community Programs

The community  programs have be  designed from the feedback that was communicated to us by  those challenged by health issues, their families and carers have said “when it comes to managing a health condition they want choice, control and above all be able to engage with people that understand the emotional , mental and social challenges one feels”.

The below  programs  allow  people, businesses, independent professionals, groups and associations to connect .

BIGA Care Volunteers

The BIGA Care volunteers program aims to give people the ability to drive a campaign that looks to help those with a health condition seek help through early intervention and to reduce the stigma around health conditions that is found in communities today.

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Mentors Program

The Mentors program  has been design to build a stronger understanding amongst local communities about the impacts a health condition can have on a individual and their cares and how one’s attitude towards people with a serious illness or disability can have a lasting impact on the way in which they look at themselves. This program encourage both trusted members of the community both young and old who have experience the challenge of overcoming a health condition to share their stories, to help educate others about finding new ways to overcome their own challenges and to educate members of the public on what it means to have a health condition and how they can assist.

Mentors program

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Coaching Program

Our coaching workshops and courses aims to educate health and fitness professionals and members of the community on how to connect with those who fear seeking help and reaching these people through health and fitness activities.

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 Industry Program

Designed to ensure the  long term sustainability of the health and wellbeing industry , the business program  assists small to medium enterprises to position themselves within their local community as a leading health provider.  Regardless of size and service offered. No matter what your business model  our consultants can help to identify areas of improvements and provided business solutions.

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Sponsors Program

The sponsor program is designed for local business that do not belong to the health and wellbeing industry but wish to play a part in educating local communities about health issues and assist in raising money for charities.

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Not-for Profit

The registered not-for-profit program is designed for non-profit organisations that do not operate for profit, personal gain or other benefits for individuals (for example, members, employees, or their friends and relatives).  Designed for organisations that are registered with the Australian charities and non-for-profit commission (ACNC) this package helps drive potential donors, corporate partners, volunteers and staff straight to your website.

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