BIGA Care  is a  health and wellbeing educational service for the community, a comprehensive library of free  information, resources,  articles and useful tools. BIGA Care’s mission is to help people build on their abilities and help them learn how to live in a world designed for abled bodied people. An important part of our service is to make anyone that has limitations feel they have the ability to conquer the big challenges of everyday life.

Communities Supporting a Cause

The impact on a person and his or her family can be devastating. BIGA Care aims to ease the transition from shock and despair at a time of a life changing event to coping and problem solving. BIGA Care aims to educate and empower care givers and survivors of traumatic brain injuries by encouraging members of the community to support those in need.

Community Rally to help Roki’s Road

Community Rally to help Roki's Road

Community Rally to help Roki’s Road

Ina and David mills were expecting a healthy baby after being told they were good candidates for a normal pregnancy. They had their life wrap up with plans to start a new life in South Africa with first born Ruby and Roki.

Never did it occur that Roki would suffer a brain injury at birth as a result of lack of oxygen. The couple is now aim to raise much needed funds the much needed treatment that he needs.

BIGA Care is helping Roki parents  in raising funds to get Roki to India for his next stem cell treatment it a big task and any donation is appreciated. Read more



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We are looking for members of the community who are interested  in becoming:


We are looking for contributors who are interested in sharing their own experience of living with a disability at different stages of their life or to write an engaging article about health, wellbeing, fitness, and disabilities. Ideally posts would between 400 and 800 words depending on the topic. So, if you are a first time or established writer with something to share, we would love to hear from you. Regular or ad hoc contributions are welcome. If you are interested in contributing or have any questions that you would like to ask, Learn more

Mentors and Coaches

We are looking for mentors, those willing to support people in finding other ways to overcome the barriers they face.  As a mentor or coach  you must be open to sharing your experience’s with others. You must be open to listing to others that perhaps  has a similar health condition or is currently experiencing some of the barriers you faced. Learn more

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In supporting people, their families and carers we are looking to build stronger relationships with  local community support services. This includes  businesses , independent professionals, groups, and associations. Lear more