When tragedy strikes in our lives we tend to focus on the thought “if only this had not happened”. Support and sometimes professional help is required to help us accept the situation and look to the future. At this time it is important to gain as much knowledge about services and therapies that can contribute to making our life as normal as possible. Tragic events can never be forgotten but our focus must be on the future, not the past. Our character is defined by what actions we take to move forward.

BIGA Care strives to give people more choice and control over their future by providing personal coaching with a difference. Our coaches are not traditional career or life coaches, trainers who look after your fitness program or employment recruiters who help construct your first resume. Our coaches help you to build a plan to address your immediate needs and implement goals to be reached, that will improve the quality of everyday life in the future for the individual, their family and carers.

Our coaches are from very different backgrounds, with different levels of experience but they share a common vision. Every coach has experienced their own challenges and knows what success looks like. They understand that success in achieving goals is increased by taking individual steps and documenting when each goal is accomplished.

Your coach will work with trainers and partners to develop a program designed to build necessary skills and a plan to encourage you to discard any personal insecurities and adopt the philosophy that perception is reality. Your success is largely dependent on your determined actions. Only when you believe in your goals can you advance towards a successful and independent life.

If you are ready to work towards a more independent and brighter future, we can help you to create a plan that supports the development of skills that will support a better lifestyle. Plans include but are limited to: all aspects of fitness, healthy eating, minimising illness, how to protect against disease and accidents and budgets for unexpected health expenses.

BIGA Care is  dedicated to everything about health, wellbeing and human services and we appreciate it can be hard for a person, dealing with the emotions that are attached to a health condition, to participate in one-to one coaching. As an extension of our ongoing commitment and support our creative team have created The people’s Hub  a online forum where people can read stories and speak to others anonymously.

In addition the online directory provides information about our advisors, coaches, trainers and partners in your local community. If you cannot find what you are looking for, our advisors will find it for you

If you are interested in volunteering or becoming a coach you can learn more about our programs here