Coaching Workshops

Coaching workshops , Early intervention and advice from qualified health professionals  in providing health care plans and health alternatives, are paramount in keeping the body and mind functioning at its peak.

Surveys conducted across Sydney’s Northern Beaches and an analysis of a wide range of both national and international studies, attested that people are reluctant to seek early professional advice.

The results suggested that people now want to address the cause of their problem and prevent it reoccurring through natural remedies. People who are concerned about their health want to discuss symptoms with someone they trust and often contact a naturopath or health professional who has been recommended to them by friends or family.

The results from our studies also showed there is a high level of adolescence, young adults and adults who tend not to seek help, especially when they have a negative attitude towards seeking help or have had negative past experiences with sources of help or hold beliefs that they should be able to sort out their own problems.

Parent’s judgement of professional services for their child is particularly important during their early years as the right care plan can have a huge impact on their children’s life as they get older and there is a growing need for autonomy and independence.

Seeking professional help is not a simple process for some people and barriers that one may face include:

  • Thinking a problem will go away by itself.
  • Being embarrassed or afraid to ask for help.
  •  Thinking that they should be able to cope without help.
  • The thought that no one wants to help or are willing to understand.
  • Thinking things are not bad enough to seek help.
  • Not knowing where to find help.
  • Lack of support services nearby
  • Thinking they will be judged
  • Thinking health care is too expensive and time consuming

Coaching workshops

Being a coach means

  • reducing stigma and negative behaviours surrounding health conditions
  • making people feel comfortable about seeking help and support
  • Being patient and allow the process of self-awareness to take it course.
  • Being able to identify signs of health related problems, this  may include but are not limited to tiredness, stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia.
  • Being able understand clients symptoms and/or concerns and  if needed refer their client to  a qualified health professionals who is qualified

Fitness Coach

As a fitness coach we understand many diseases are due to inflammation in the body and a depleted immune system, which can be reversed through diet and vitamin and mineral support. It is important before giving advice that you have  the experience  to addresses diet (eat to live, not live to eat), exercise and natural supplements to help support the body’s natural immune system.

Coaching workshops

Our coaching workshops aims to educate health and fitness professionals and members of the community  on how to connect with those who fear seeking help . From our workshops you can expect to learn how to communicate  the benefits that help and support from others can bring including:

  •  Feeling less stressed
  •  Relief about sharing thoughts /feelings
  • Finding strategies and ways to cope
  •  Gaining some perspective
  •  Reducing a sense of loneliness
  • Building stronger relationships
  • Preventing problems becoming bigger
  • Learning to help others

If you are interested in  becoming a coach or looking to run a course please contact us

If you are already a coach we encourage you to list your details on our directory