BIGA Care About us

BIGA Care About Us

BIGA Care about us , a service that promotes health and wellbeing, providing accurate and unbiased information about health care by harnessing data collected we are able to share best practices, inspirational stories but most importantly we are able to help people understand their local health system.

Whilst the idea of a health and wellbeing support service is not new choosing the right treatment and can often be confusing and frustrating for the person with the health condition and family members who are taking care of a loved one.The information, support services, resources and tools available on BIGA Care  allows individuals, their families and carers  to make the best possible decisions.

An important part of our service is also to provided direction to anyone who is trying to manage a health condition or care for another. We do this by offering, mentoring and  coaching services.

“By working as one community we not only help people to build on their abilities and learn how to live in a world that can be difficult, even for able-bodied people.
We ensure the longevity of health and fitness related services”.


1. Giving  choice and control to people living with a health condition, their families and carers through the provision of appropriate, timely and high quality community based support services, resources and tools.

2. To educate people who are fortunate enough not to have had their life affected by life changing event, events about how they can not only look after their health but be a positive influence in making people with a health condition feel they belong in the community  and are able to achieve and contribute to their full potential.


Learning to live with a disability or illness is not easy but life can still be lived to its fullest potential. Based on what our founder has proved to be true, “What is thought to be impossible is possible”.                                                                                                                                                                                     BIGA Care vision is to instill a sense of belief into those challenged by a health condition “that anything is possible as long as you have the drive and determination to achieve success no matter what challenges lies ahead.