The most common way one copes with any ongoing medical or therapeutical treatment is to join a support group.Usually led by professional therapist (such as social workers, psychologist, nurse or psychiatrist) who has had some training in facilitating group discussion. From our focus groups people with condition and their families want  more than a professional opinion, they want to  engage with others that understand the emotional, mental and social challenges one faces.They want the ability to discuss their thoughts,  experiences, ideas and feelings without being judged.Unlike formal one-on-one sessions or support groups were people often find it hard to open up in front of a professional therapist. BIGA Care forum is a confidential service that is led by everyday people with real life experiences. You, your  family and carer don’t have to deal with problems alone. Our forum topics include

  • Health and lifestyle issues
  • Stress management
  • Depression and emotional issues
  • Dealing with a traumatic event
  • Crisis financial counselling



  1. Connect and learn anywhere, anytime.
  2. Remain in control and choose the right time for them in which they want to disclose their real self.
  3. Seek support from people who understand and share a common experience.
  4. Seek assistance from a professional, who can assist with certain aspects of life and help to plan the best course of action before deciding who is going to help in the management of your condition
  5. Download self-help tools and resources provided by health and wellbeing professionals.

How it works

1. To log on for the first time, select the register  button, then I Agree (in the pop up window)

2. Create your own personal account

3. Access the forum